Make & Model - Tuff T180
Max Lumen Output - 170 with CR123 battery, 120 with AA
Max Runtime - Unlisted for low mode (approx. 40 hrs. with CR123)
Overall Length - 3.7 in. with CR123, 4.5 in. with AA (head at 90 degrees)
Weight with Batteries - 2.7 oz. with CR123, 3.2 oz. with AA
Battery Type - CR123 (one, included) or AA (one, included)
Controls - Push-button switch
Output Modes - High, low, strobe
MSRP - $70

Tuff's T180 name indicates its biggest advantage — the light's head pivots a full 180 degrees in 20-degree increments. This enables some unique mounting options, such as clipping it to the brim of a hat. The clip can be rotated or reversed, though the latter is only possible after disassembling the body with an Allen wrench. On top of this, the T180 can accept either a CR123 or a AA battery. To switch battery types, unscrew the cap, and install or uninstall the included metal spacer tube. All of these variables make the T180 the most versatile of the angle-head lights we tested.

Pros: Versatile 180-degree pivoting head, Accepts two battery types

Cons: Huge gap between high and low output modes

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