Make & Model - UTG ELP123R-A Tactical Pistol Flashlight
Claimed Max Brightness - 400 lumens
Claimed Max Runtime - 1 hour
Overall Length - 3.1 inches
Weight with Batteries - 3.5 ounces
Battery - 1x CR2 (included)
Controls - Ambidextrous forefinger switch
Output Modes - Momentary-on, constant-on
Construction / Mounting - Aluminum, flathead/thumb screw clamp
MSRP - $53

Priced at just north of $50, this UTG pistol light serves as an affordable option. It lists a 400-lumen maximum output, which sounds good on paper, but real-world testing left us unimpressed. In a blind comparison test, we guess the output to be around 250 lumens, at best. Additionally, the plastic activation switch has a substantial amount of play, looking and feeling anything but durable. Nevertheless, we were pleased with this light's even beam pattern, tough aluminum body, and simple universal mount. It certainly has its flaws, but at this price point, it's a decent entry-level choice. If not for the wiggly switch, overly optimistic brightness rating, and lack of direct holster compatibility, it could have been a clear value leader.

Pros: Affordable entry-level light, Rugged aluminum body

Cons: Plastic switch feels cheap and flimsy, Light output seems less than advertised

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