Dimensions - 15.6x7x3.75 inches
Weight - 4.5 Pounds
Max Bag Width - 11 inches
URL - http://www.westonsupply.com/

Weston's Harvest Guard portable vacuum sealer is more powerful than it might look. Compact and light, it's designed to be used anywhere _ at home, on the road, or in the field. With its 12-volt adapter, you can rock your sealer virtually anywhere. Its heat sealer is adjustable to optimize for the bags you're using, and it has a pulse mode so you can manually control the vacuum process for delicate items or liquids. Despite its size and portability, it was nearly as quick as the Weston Pro 1100 model. It has an accessory port _ we found it a bit loose on our test unit, but it worked fine. The Harvest Guard accepts rolls and bags up to 11 inches wide, but doesn't have a cutting tool. It has a carrying handle, and the power cord tucks underneath. There's no storage spot for the 12-volt adapter, so you'll need to stash it somewhere else when on the move.

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