Make & Model - Whole Foods Market Plastic utensils
Dimensions - 7 by 1.3 by 1 (stacked) inches
Weight - 0.3 ounces
Material - Plastic
Colorways - Black
MSRP - Free

The point of this tongue-in-cheek product entry is that you surely have a local grocery store or restaurant serving prepared foods for you to take home. They invariably provide you with complementary plastic utensils. Same with food courts in shopping malls. So the next time you buy some rotisserie chicken, pork chile verde, or whatever your poison is, grab a set of plastic utensils too. Some are nicer than others; it won't take you long to find a place that provides good ones. The set shown here were from our local Whole Foods Market. They don't get any more utilitarian, they don't stack together, and they'll break under any strenuous use (especially the fork tines), but as countless harried office workers on their lunch break will tell you, they work fine. And they're easy to clean and reuse. Throw a set in a Ziploc bag, and bingo — you can stage them for emergency use virtually anywhere.

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