Make & Model - Wildo Spork
Dimensions - 6.5 by 1.9 by 0.6 inches
Weight - 0.3 ounces
Material - Polyamide 6
Colorways - Black, Lemon, Light Blue, Lilac, Lime, Olive, Orange, Pink, Tan
MSRP - $3

Wildo's spork might more accurately be deemed a sporknife or a knifoon, as it combines a spoon, fork, and knife all at one end. As an all-in-one design, you can only use one at a time, though. The spoon works well, though soup can dribble out of the fork slots. The serrated knife edge is curved and grows relatively thick, but you can hack through food with it. The fork has relatively long tines for a spork, but it's awkward to use right handed. Lefties rejoice, finally! The handle is comfortable to use, though the BPA-free polyamide material flexes quite a bit. It's cheap, light, and easy to keep on hand.

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