Type - Unstructured Hammock
Weight - 28 oz
Colors - UN Camo
MSRP - $99
URL - http://www.yukon-outfitters.com

Yukon Outfitters didn't start on a Thai beach, but on the banks of the Big Salmon River in Alaska. One of the company founders lost his coat at the outset of a spring fly-fishing trip. He was forced to buy an expensive raincoat that wasn't worth the price and decided on the spot to make affordable gear that would hold up to the riggers of travel and modern adventures. Yukon Outfitters was born. As far as the V2 Ultralight Hammock, we aren't sure what “UN Camo” is (the only UN camo we've ever seen is solid blue), but it looks like some kind of digital Flecktarn pattern. The coated nylon fabric is strong, but offers zero breathability. In warm weather this hammock has the potential to become a small, sweat-filled pool. The looped, gathered ends are secured with a double box-stitched piece of webbing that should provide end-of-days strength. The hammock is cut wide enough to lie flat, across the long axis, providing good comfort. Like all unstructured hammocks, the sides are going to ride up, something to get used to if you end up with this style of hammock.

We didn't get hands-on with any of Yukon's tent accessories, but we see they offer a very reasonably priced rain fly and bug net. If you're looking to save a few bucks and get a decent setup, keep an eye on discounters for Yukon gear. We saw Yukon products on Amazon.com selling anywhere from 33 to 70 percent off MSRP in the past year, so keep your eye out and you could get some good gear at even better prices. The big draw for Yukon, though, is their location. The company sews these hammocks in Tennessee.

Accessories: Walkabout Rain Fly, 14 oz, $40; No Fly Zone Bug Net, 10 oz, $40

Pros: Made in the USA.

Cons: Coated nylon is uncomfortable.

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