Make & Model - Zojirushi Tuff Sports SJ-SHE10
Colorway - Stainless
Capacity - 0.95 L (32 fl oz)
Height x Diameter - 10.13 X 4.25 in
Weight (Empty) - 1 lb 6 oz
MSRP - $45
Notes - Hands down the best performer in our tests, the Tuff Sports SJ-SHE10 features all stainless-steel construction, making it durable while providing superior heat retention. It has two caps covering a wide mouth design that easily accommodates full-size ice cubes. The outer cap doubles as a cup while the inner pour-through cap securely seals in the contents. The insulated cap can be opened or sealed with just one touch. Its body has a collapsible handle attached, and a carrying strap is also included.


Pros: Great temperature retention, inner cap is easy to use while keeping heat or cold in

Cons: Its heavy weight and bulk is a tradeoff for its strong performance

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