When we think of gardening for survival purposes, we often envision neat plastic planters with pre-made trellises, wire fences, and drip irrigation. If you're starting a garden now, such a setup may be attainable, but there are many scenarios where these modern supplies may not be available. You might be facing a long-term disaster that interrupts the supply chain, a remote location that makes transporting these items difficult, or simply a restrictive budget. In any case, you can always turn to more primitive methods of gardening.

Primitive Technology yam garden stone planter food survival preparedness 2

In the following video from Primitive Technology, you'll see how the host constructs round planters in the Australian jungle using soil and river rocks. He then plants yams around a tall pole in the center of the planter. This setup offers protection against wild turkeys and pigs that might otherwise ransack his crops, and also offers an elevated surface for the yams' vines to cling to.

Primitive Technology yam garden stone planter food survival preparedness 3

The garden is finished off with horizontal beams that connect the yam planters into an improvised trellis. After a few months, a thick network of vines should offer the plants the sunlight they need to thrive. Check out the full video below:

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