Where would you rather survive: lost at sea or stranded in the Sahara desert? That's our hypothetical question of the day, and we want to hear your decision in the poll below.

This or that ocean

Water, water everywhere… but not a drop to drink.

Before you answer, we'll provide some more information on the circumstances. In either location, you'll need to survive for 7 days, and you'll be alone. The weather will be clear all week, with no rain on the forecast. There's little to no hope of rescue in either case, and you'll have the same gear in both situations, listed below:

  • A fixed-blade knife
  • 3 emergency ration bars
  • A metal canteen containing 2 liters of clean water
  • The clothes on your back (long pants, a T-shirt, a hooded windbreaker, athletic shoes, and an analog wristwatch)
This or that desert sand

Windswept sand and scorching heat. That's about all you'll find in the barren Sahara desert.

In the ocean scenario, you'll be stuck smack dab in the middle of the Pacific, in an inflatable rubber survival raft (with sun shade on top). In the desert scenario, you obviously won't have a raft, but you will have a 1-person tent with some sturdy anchors for the shifting sands. Otherwise, you'll have nothing but what's listed above.

Make your choice below, and feel free to justify your decision in the comments section.

Survival Scenarios will be a recurring feature on OFFGRIDweb.com, and will ask you to make a difficult choice between two or more hypothetical situations.

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