Although most of us have fully-prepared bug-out bags or survival kits, things don't always go according to plan, and you may end up having to get out of dodge with only the clothes on your back. So, what would you do if you ended up in the woods with minimal or no gear? Obviously, food, water, fire, and shelter would all be top priorities—but it's not so easy when you don't even have a knife.

In this “Paracord Bracelet Survival Challenge” video from ReWildUniversity, the host shows how it's possible to survive comfortably without anything but a length of paracord and some skill. If you're not lucky enough to have even that much, you could even substitute your shoelaces for cordage.

We like this video because it demonstrates a few worthwhile survival techniques:

  • Lean-to shelter
  • Bow drill fire starter
  • Burning a log into a water vessel
  • Water purification via hot rock boiling
  • Heating rocks to stay warm at night

Obviously, the key to all of this is having the right knowledge and experience before you're forced to survive. As he says in the video, “It doesn't take a lot of specialized gear, it just takes some pretty basic knowledge and some skill.” We also agree with his sentiment that hands-on practice is essential—so get out there and try these techniques.

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