When we think of bug-out vehicles, it's common to immediately visualize a full-size truck or Jeep decked out with huge mud tires, light bars, jerry cans, a winch, and other off-road-oriented upgrades. There's certainly nothing wrong with this type of rig for navigating remote trails, but it's definitely less ideal for other environments. In the densely-packed concrete jungle of a city, that off-roader may end up bogged down in traffic or seen as an attractive target for thieves. Small, light, and maneuverable motorcycles might prove to be better bug-out vehicles for these settings.

Mike Glover of Fieldcraft Survival recently had an opportunity to check out some new bike offerings from Honda at the Overland Expo in Arizona. These two motorcycles are clearly at opposite ends of the spectrum. First, he examined the Honda Monkey, a retro-styled variant of the popular Honda Grom.

This could serve as an affordable and efficient little commuter, offering well over 100MPG, and these same qualities make it an effective way to put some miles between you and the nearest city center (as long as you can pack light). It won't be winning any drag races, but it's also unlikely to draw much unwanted attention — unlike that lifted pickup with knobbly tires and LED light bars.

On the other end of the range, there's the Honda Africa Twin. The latest version of this adventure bike offers an optional dual-clutch transmission (DCT) that makes it easier to ride over rough terrain, especially at low speeds where careful throttle and clutch control might otherwise be necessary to prevent stalling. The Africa Twin is the type of bike you'd want if you anticipate a mix of urban and off-road conditions on your way to the destination, or if you'll be making a longer journey with more gear. The powerful 1,084cc engine will also let you outrun an impending disaster, if necessary.

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