Whether it’s live footage of a police chase or a dramatic movie stunt-driving scene, we’ve all seen car chases where a pursuing vehicle nudges the bad guy’s car and pushes it into a spin. The technical term for this maneuver is the PIT or Pursuit Intervention Technique. It’s not the sort of thing you can use on a daily basis, but it’s a valuable skill to have in your vehicular escape and evasion toolbox.

RECOILtv Bondurant Racing PIT maneuver driving school vehicle bugout shtf survival 3

In the video below, Iain Harrison of RECOIL talks with Bondurant Racing Chief Driving Instructor Mike McGovern about the theory behind the PIT maneuver. Then they hop into a pair of specially-equipped Ford Crown Victorias to go practice the PIT in a controlled environment. As Mike explains, finesse is essential as you make light contact with the other vehicle and then simultaneously turn and accelerate.

Practicing the PIT was a ton of fun, and one of many driving techniques we learned at Bondurant. For a more in-depth look at ramming through barricades, J-turns, and other skills, check out our article Driving Force: Lessons Learned at Bondurant Racing School.

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