Competition fuels improvement — if you're looking to develop a skill, facing off against others in a competitive setting is a great way to do so. That might mean shooting three-gun matches, running marathons or GoRuck races, or even signing up for a literal survival competition. Since transportation is an essential aspect of survival, it's wise to try your hand at some vehicle-based competitions as well. The 2019 Overland Challenge is one such example.

Referred to as an off-road rally race, the Southern Xpeditions Overland Challenge is a three-day event that takes place in Uwharrie, North Carolina each year. It includes mud bogs, rock crawls, water crossings, steep inclines, and tight trail sections that push vehicles to their limits. There are also technical obstacle courses and team vs. team events that test competitors' communication and coordination. Winners receive prizes from sponsors, and all profits from the event are donated to veteran-oriented charities.

Our partners at RECOIL sent a film crew to North Carolina to cover the 2019 Overland Challenge, and produced a three-part video series for RECOILtv. Check out each episode below:

For more information on the Overland Challenge or to sign up for the 2020 event, go to

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