Recently, the Editor in Chief of Recoil Offgrid, Patrick McCarthy, was a guest on the Anderson Overland Podcast. He discussed an array of topics and delved deep into the realms of self-reliance, survival skills, and the exciting journey of overlanding. Listen to the entire podcast below, or read on for the key takeaways:

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Navigating Life, Skills and Gear

Survival isn't just about the gear, it's a lifestyle. Patrick McCarthy's transition from a graphic designer to the editor-in-chief of Recoil Offgrid Magazine stands testament to the power of embracing change, seeing challenges for the opportunities they are, and preparing for the unexpected. His story is one of resilience, adaptability, and the continuous quest for knowledge — qualities that are the bedrock of survival.

During the podcast, the question was posed: “what is the best vehicle for overlanding?” While modern vehicles come packed with capabilities, Patrick emphasizes the significance of the driver's knowledge of the vehicle's limitations and potential. It's not about the fanciest mods but understanding the terrain, knowing your vehicle, and mastering the skills to navigate through challenges. This principle applies beyond the road, and can just as easily be adapted to one's life.

The bottom line is: vehicle modifications and survival gear should augment your own knowledge and experience, not replace it.

Above: Patrick's 4Runner has been an ongoing project, featuring an assortment of carefully chosen overland and off-road upgrades. It's important to remember that modifications may enhance a vehicle's capabilities, but they're not a replacement for the driver's skill and judgement.

Preparedness and Real Lessons

Recent global upheavals such as wars and COVID have pushed emergency preparedness from the fringes into the mainstream. Being prepared isn't about doomsday scenarios, it's about being ready for the things that have a high probability of occurring. Things like blowing a tire, or making it through a power outage. Patrick shares insights into creating a well-rounded survival strategy — balancing the acquisition of practical skills through regular training, with the thoughtful collection of gear.

To drive home his point, Patrick recounts an eventful drive to Sedona with his family, an experience that underscored the unpredictability of trails and the importance of real-world experience over reliance on social media or secondhand reports. His journey highlights the importance of being prepared for the variance between expectations and reality.

The Overland Community

Above: Patrick met Joey Anderson on a recent Overland Summit media event in Big Bear, California, where attendees had the opportunity to drive some seriously challenging trails.

The overlanding community, as Patrick and the podcast host discuss during the show, is more than just a group of enthusiasts. It's a collective of shared experiences, a place to test one's mettle, and a family that grows with every mile added to the odometer. Plug into the Anderson Overland Podcast for more stories that inspire, conversations that educate, and experiences that transform. You can also check out their latest projects at And if you're looking to dive deeper into the world of survival skills and overlanding, continue reading all the great content in Recoil Offgrid, where Patrick McCarthy continues to share his knowledge and experience.

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