Knives, like most other tools, are heavily influenced by personal preference. Centuries ago, craftsmen often made their own blades or hired the local blacksmith to forge something to their specifications. These days, one-off knives are less common, but some knifemakers are still producing personalized production knives for a few specialist users. TOPS Knives recently partnered with Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics to create three new VTAC-branded fixed blades, dubbed the Norseman, Crusader, and Patriot.

After spending more than two decades in the U.S. Army, 15 years in Delta Force, and fighting in infamous warzones such as Mogadishu, Sergeant Major (retired) Kyle Lamb has some well-established preferences for tools. TOPS made these three Viking Tactics Bloodline knives to his specifications, with distinctive two-tone Micarta handle scales and a “viking vine” pattern that serves as spine jimping. All are made from 1095 steel finished in TOPS' popular “Acid Rain” finish.

The Viking Tactics Norseman is the largest of the trio, with a 5.88-inch blade and 11.5-inch overall length. It features a drop point shape and slim, straight handle. A tan Kydex sheath with MOLLE Lok clip is included. MSRP is $225.

Next is the Crusader, which features more aggressive handle curvature, a large forefinger notch, and a substantial thumb ramp for added control. This was inspired by VTAC's first ever knife design, the Assault. This also includes a Kydex sheath with MOLLE Lok clip. MSRP is $210.

Finally, there's the VTAC Patriot. This is the smallest of the three, with a 3-inch blade and 6.75-inch OAL. It includes a long belly and upswept tip for peeling, skinning, and slashing. The Kydex sheath features belt loops for scout carry. MSRP is $190.

For more information on the new TOPS Knives Viking Tactics Bloodline series, go to or

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