Love them or hate them, Montana-based knifemaker Zombie Tools is anything but boring. This 10-employee small business produces some outlandish edged weapons, each with a grimy post-apocalyptic appearance befitting the company's name. But the blades made by ZT aren't just for show — they're well-built and incredibly tough, as we found when we reviewed the Vakra in our kukri buyer's guide in Issue 14.

Zombie Tools FUK field utility knife EDC fixed blade bushcraft 3

Most of Zombie Tools' blades are of the large hack-and-slash variety, but the company has offered a few smaller blades over the years. In fact, it has become a holiday tradition for ZT to release a new limited-edition blade just before Christmas. Last year's offering was the Bushlicker, a small bushcraft-oriented knife with an upswept skinner-style blade. This year, Zombie Tools has released the Field Utility Knife, or Lil' F.U.K. for short.

Zombie Tools FUK field utility knife EDC fixed blade bushcraft 1

The company calls the new Lil' F.U.K. its first every-day carry blade, as a result of its versatile clip-point shape and 4-inch blade length. Unlike ZT's larger carbon-steel blades, this knife is constructed from the same “tough as f**k” German 80CRV2 steel used on last year's Bushlicker. The blotchy finish is the byproduct of ZT's signature acid etching process.

Zombie Tools FUK field utility knife EDC fixed blade bushcraft 4

The spine of this knife has been ground to a sharp 90-degree edge, allowing it to be used for striking a ferro rod. That's a feature we're always pleased to see on an outdoor-oriented fixed blade.

A combination of textured black G10 and red Kydex liners were pinned in place to form the handle, and a large forefinger groove provides a controllable grip. Each F.U.K. ships with a black leather drop-leg sheath embossed with the ZT crest.

Zombie Tools FUK field utility knife EDC fixed blade bushcraft 5

MSRP for this knife is $250, and true to the limited-edition designation, the company says “less than 100” of these knives will ever be made. If you want one, you'll need to order before supplies run out. For more info on the new Field Utility Knife, go to

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