Hunting is an important survival skill. You could kill deer or wild boar with a rifle or bow, snag small game in snares, take down birds with a slingshot, or spear fish in streams. However, it's equally important to incorporate edible plants, fruits, and vegetables into your survival diet—especially because you may not always be able to hunt successfully when your life depends on it.

So, how can you start foraging for edible plants? Obviously, you don't want to ingest anything poisonous, so you'll need to know what to look for first. The infographic below from Ava's Flowers provides some great information and illustrations to get you started.

A Survivalist's Guide to Eating in the Wilderness - - Infographic

If you're interested in reading more on the subject, check out the other infographic we featured from Ava's Flowers, called “The Devil's Greenhouse”. It goes into more detail on toxic plants that you should avoid at all costs.

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