We've been following the YouTube channel known as Primitive Technology for several years now — the odds are good that you might be another one of its 9.8 million subscribers. Despite creating what some may see as simple content, devoid of flashy editing, music, or even narration, this Australian YouTuber has turned his hobby of teaching primitive survival skills into a successful full-time job. While streaming video is a great way to demonstrate these skills, it's not readily-accessible in off-grid settings, so he has created a hardcover survivalist guide book you can bring into the backcountry.

The man behind the channel, who we now know as John Plant, wrote the following statement to announce the book:

“This video coincides with the release of my new book “Primitive Technology,” which releases exactly 4 years and 6 months since my first video post on this channel. This video compilation, as well as the book, outlines all the skills and achievements I've attained in this time period using research, hard work and trial and error. Writing this book is something I wanted to do even before making videos and launching this channel. I wanted to offer something tangible that benefited those who had the same keen interest in primitive technology as I do. With that, I thank each and every one of you for your continued support throughout the years, and I really hope you enjoy the book.”

At 192 pages, the Primitive Technology book is said to feature “50 projects with step-by-step instructions on how to make tools, weapons, shelters, pottery, clothing, and more.” It also includes illustrations, sidebars with historical background on the primitive skills, as well as tips for finding materials and constructing components. This book is available today, October 29th, in hardcover form for $14 or as a Kindle ebook for $10.

For more information on Primitive Technology: A Survivalist's Guide to Building Tools, Shelters, and More in the Wild, go to PenguinRandomHouse.com.

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