Make & Model - 12 Survivors Hunter Knife
Overall Length - 10.2 inches
Blade Length - 6.5 inches
Blade Width - 1.75 inches
Blade Thickness - 0.25 inch
Handle Thickness - 1 inch
Handle Material - Paracord-wrapped tang
Weight - 10 ounces
Blade Material - 420J2 stainless steel
MSRP - $144
Notes - It looks the part of a real bushcraft knife from tip to pommel, as each part of this knife was designed to work in harmony to produce a tool whose sum is greater than the whole. In lieu of grip scales, the tang is wrapped in paracord, which can be used to create a spear by tying it on a stick. The serrations on the spine are useful for light sawing, while the drop-point blade is thick and heavy. The notch just north of the bolster is a mystery, though. It's not comfortable enough to be a finger groove nor is it shaped right to be a bottle opener — we tested that hypothesis. After a couple hours of use under our belt, we figured out what it's for: an uncomfortable place to put your finger when using the blade horizontally.
The sheath is nylon and double stitched for sturdiness. It comes with a loop for your belt and an additional hook-and-loop strap to mount this knife on your pack's shoulder harness or most anywhere else. On the front is a small empty pouch that would best accommodate a sharpening stone or perhaps a ferro rod, but the buckle used to secure it is comically large.


  • The uniquely (and impossible to duplicate) paracord-wrapped tang
  • Flat pommel for hammering
  • Serrations on the blade's spine


  • Though tough and corrosion resistant, 420J2 is a lower-end stainless steel for blades because of its poor edge retention. For almost $150, we expect better steel.
  • The blade constantly slices the sheath when removing or returning

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