Make & Model - 5.11 TMT L1
Colorway - Black
Lumen Output - High 212 / Low 16
Beam Options - High / Low / Strobe
Runtime - High 2h / Low 25h / Strobe 3.25h
Bezel Diameter - 1 in
Overall Length - 3.9 in
Weight With Battery - 2.7 oz
Battery Type - 2.7 oz
MSRP - $75
Accessories - Breakaway lanyard

The Tactical Mission Torch L1 has three lighting modes, accessible by 5.11's “Intelligent Tactical Switch.” The switch not only allows the user to activate the flashlight in high, low, and strobe modes at a push of a rubber-capped button, it also acts as a rotary dial that locks out the activation switch so there are no accidental discharges — saving battery power and your night-adapted vision. Hold the button down half way for momentary activation, or for constant on, press the button all the way until it clicks in any of its three lighting modes. The light comes with a non-removable pocket clip as well as a breakaway lanyard.

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