Make & Model - Aimkon HiLight P10S
Claimed Max Brightness - 300 lumens as shown (500 for newer models)
Claimed Max Runtime - 55 minutes
Overall Length - 3 inches
Weight with Batteries - 2.8 ounces
Battery - 1x CR123 (included)
Controls - Push-through forefinger switch alternates between two modes
Output Modes - Constant-on, strobe
Construction / Mounting - Aluminum, quick-detach lever
MSRP - $38 as shown; $55 for new 500-lumen version

A budget light with basic features. It mounts easily via a quick-detach lever, snapping into place on the pistol's rail. We got the 300-lumen version a while back; Aimkon has since boosted the power to 500 lumens for newer models. The aluminum construction feels sturdy. The light's downfall is its switch. It's pressed laterally through the body to turn on and pressed from the opposite side to turn off. Cycling the light on again reveals the strobe function. This switch lacks a momentary-on mode, requiring finger gymnastics to turn off or toggle modes one-handed. Annoyingly, the switch also protrudes enough to be pressed accidentally when placing the gun on flat surfaces or inserting it into a universal holster. On top of all this, lefties will find it nigh-impossible to operate. If you can live with the switch, are right-handed, and will be using this exclusively on a bedside gun, the P10S is an acceptable entry-level option. Otherwise, we'd advise saving up for a better light.

Pros: Good light output for under $40, Strong aluminum construction with Q.D. mount

Cons: Power switch is frustrating to operate, especially for left-handed shooters, Nonexistent holster compatibility

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