Make & Model - Bernzomatic WT2301C Campfire Torch
Dimensions - 5 by 2 by 1 inches
Weight - 3.4 ounces (torch only) / 2.97 pounds with 14.1-ounce propane cylinder
MSRP - $20 (torch only) / $5 per propane cylinder

This full-sized torch features built-in Piezo ignition, so unlike workshop torches, carrying a separate striker isn't necessary. Turning the knob and clicking the trigger produces a bright blue flame and a blast of heat that radiates outward. It's powerful enough to incinerate even damp wood, and makes starting a fire at the campsite a breeze. You can skip the tinder and go straight to burning some kindling. However, the Bernzomatic torch requires a source of propane — either a green 16.4-ounce camping cylinder (such as those from Coleman) or a narrower blue 14.1-ounce cylinder (pictured). The torch is effective, easy to operate, long-lasting, and affordable, but these advantages come at the expense of a large footprint and considerable weight. If you're backpacking or bugging out, you'll probably want something smaller.

– Blistering 7-inch blue flame
– Works with common green propane cylinders used for camp stoves
– Long burn time, potentially several hours depending on tank size and ambient temperature

– Requires a large and heavy propane tank — not suited for mobile backpacking or bug-out use
– Very cold environments will reduce the propane gas pressure and flame size
– Tilting or inverting the torch can cause it to flood and turn off

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