Make & Model - Böker Magnum Bon Appetite
Dimensions - 7.4 / 4.1 (open / closed) by 1.2 by 1 inches
Weight - 6.4 ounces
Material - 440 steel, laminated plywood
Colorways - Brown
MSRP - $27

The Böker is a compact cutlery set, evoking the nostalgia of an old-school pocketknife. The three layers pull apart to reveal a knife, spoon, and fork (with a bottle opener). Like the slip joint knife blade, the layers aren't secured with a positive locking mechanism. Speaking of the knife, it was quite tight, and you might just break a nail trying to deploy its 3.25-inch blade — or perhaps you can use another tool to help you open this tool. The spoon and fork are quite small, like baby utensils, though they provide a fair amount of reach and a reasonably long handle. Böker penalizes lefties, as the spoon feels awkward when used with the left hand due to its offset neck. As with all folding-type utensils, it's a bit tricky to keep clean — once after washing it, we must not have thoroughly dried it and some rust formed at the pivot of the knife. The Magnum Bon Appetite is conveniently compact, but we found it less effective for dining than some other products.

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