Make & Model - BLACKHAWK! Night-Ops XIPHOS NTX
Claimed Max Brightness - 180 lumens
Claimed Max Runtime - 2 hours
Overall Length - 3.1 inches
Weight with Batteries - 2.5 ounces
Battery - 1x CR123 (included)
Controls - Ambidextrous forefinger switch with multi-tap mode selection (left-handed model available)
Output Modes - Constant-on, momentary, strobe
Construction / Mounting - Carbon-fiber polymer, quick-detach adjustable Cam-Clamp
MSRP - $204

The light seen here is a second-generation design, featuring a revised battery cap and improved switch design compared to earlier models. The body is constructed from impact-resistant carbon-fiber polymer with a ribbed metal heat sink behind the bezel. The NTX requires no tools to install, clamping (rather than sliding) onto most pistol rails using the BLACKHAWK! Cam-Clamp locking system. The unique ambidextrous switch is biased toward the dominant hand (either left or right), but can also be activated by the other hand's thumb. Momentary-on and constant-on modes are easy to access, but triple-tapping to activate the strobe is difficult in tense situations. Additionally, the switch could be a bit wider for improved comfort. It's worth mentioning this light also sits noticeably off-center for direct compatibility with the company's SERPA holsters.

Pros: Quick installation with adjustable fit, Available in right- or left-hand-biased ambidextrous configuration

Cons: Strobe is difficult to access quickly, Light sits off-center

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