Make & Model - Brite-Strike EPLI Illumination Tool
Colorway - Black
Lumen Output - High 160 / Low 80
Beam Options - High / Low / Strobe
Runtime - High 30 mins / Low 6 hrs / Strobe 45 mins
Bezel Diameter - 0.58 in
Overall Length - 5.4 in
Weight With Battery - 2 oz
Battery Type - AAA (2, included)
Controls - Momentary and constant on tail cap push-button switch
Accessories - Pocket clip
MSRP - $80

Brite-Strike held no punches when they came up with the EPLI. Not only is it equipped with digital power management that optimizes maximum power from its power source of two AAA batteries, it also uses a high-quality Cree LED. The sleek-looking EPLI's body is made of anodized aluminum, and its bezel is made of polished stainless steel and brass. This penlight is waterproof, shockproof, and has three lighting options: high, low, and strobe. In high mode, it emits an outstanding 160 lumens that can cut through the darkest of nights, and its 80-lumen low mode is suitable for area navigation and low-intensity tasks. Strobe mode can be used as an SOS signal or to distract a threat.

Pros: Multiple lighting options when needed. High-quality build. Hard, steel bezel.

Cons: Having to cycle through multiple lighting options when not needed. Short runtime on high mode.

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