Make & Model - Casio Pathfinder PAG240B
Bezel Diameter- 1.92 in
Band Material - Resin/cloth
Power Type - Solar rechargeable battery (non-replaceable)
Runtime - 6 months (without further exposure to light)
Weight - 2.3 oz
Water Resistance - 100m
MSRP - $250
Standout Features - Solar power
Triple sensor (altimeter/barometer, thermometer, digital compass)
Sunrise and sunset data

Casio's excellent reputation in the world of durable multi-function watches has long been cemented with its successful lines, including the well-known G-Shock and Pathfinder. This entry has been on the market for some time under the Pathfinder line, which has been renamed Pro Trek, and its popularity with outdoorsmen and survivalists alike is well earned. The PAG240B, along with its various siblings, are lightweight, boast a plethora of features, and powered by light. The model shown here features a resin/cloth band that seems tougher than leather yet is very comfortable on the wrist. Its compass bezel rotates and its function buttons are easy to access without the risk of accidental activation.

Pros: Durability, triple sensor functions, solar power, lightweight

Cons: Price

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