Make & Model - Inforce 6vx
Colorway - Sand (shown), Black
Lumen Output - High 200 / Low 40
Beam Options - High / Low / Strobe
Runtime - High 2h / Low 10h
Bezel Diameter - 1 in
Overall Length - 4.85 in
Weight With Battery - 3.3 oz
Battery Type - 123A (2, included)
MSRP - $99
Accessories - Belt clip with built-in lanyard hole accepts 550 cord

The MIL-STD-810F certified 6vx is a standout in many ways. It's a fiber composite-bodied light whose activation switch can be customized by choosing whether the power settings cycle from high to low to strobe or from low to high to strobe. If you have no need for the strobe feature, it can be deactivated as well. The multifunction tailcap switch also has options for momentary and lockout. The 6vx's patented heat-releasing venting system maximizes LED performance and keeps the light cool even with prolonged use — preventing your jewels from getting cooked when you drop it back into your pocket. Its scalloped head encases a high-impact glass lens and allows for light to spill out in its standing position.

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