Make & Model - Olight M10 Maverick
Colorway - Black
Lumen Output - High 350 / Mid 80 / Low 5
Beam Options - High / Mid / Low / Strobe
Runtime - High 1h 15m / Mid 7h 30m / Low 108h
Bezel Diameter - 0.9 in
Overall Length - 3.7 in
Weight With Battery - 2.4 oz
Battery Type - CR123A or RCR123 (1, not included)
MSRP - $55
Accessories - Lanyard

Featuring a Cree XLamp XM-L2 350 lumen lamp, the M10 Maverick is a compact light that is packed full of features. For instance, it has a high efficiency synchronous constant current circuit — that's technobabble for “this thing's power is regulated to give it a consistent brightness level and long runtime.” Externally, like the rest of the lights in this guide, it has an aluminum body, but unlike the rest it has a hard crenelated stainless steel striking bezel. The multifunction tail switch is customizable for three brightness levels and strobe mode with the use of its side switch selector. Its pocket clip is removable and spare O-ring and silicon rubber tail switch covers are included.

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