Make & Model - Streamlight ProTac 1L
Colorway - Black
Lumen Output - High 180 / Low 12
Beam Options - High / Low / Strobe
Runtime - High 2h / Low 23h / Strobe 4h
Bezel Diameter - 0.9 in
Overall Length - 3.43 in
Weight With Battery - 2.0 oz
Battery Type - CR123A (1, included)
MSRP - $75
Accessories - Nylon and elastic pouch

The sharp-looking SF3-CW has a Class III hard-anodized finished aluminum-alloy body adorned with carbon fiber. The light comes with two reflectors, both featuring SCHOTT ultra-clear lenses. The reflector that comes installed throws the light with a more focused beam, similar to the ones you typically see on flashlights. The alternate is a flood reflector that spreads the light evenly over a wide, but shorter distance. A single click on its side-mounted activation switch turns the light on; a second click puts it into Super mode, which emits a factory-listed 350 lumens. The switch is easily programmed to turn on at four levels of power settings, but no momentary feature is available. The light is equipped with reverse polarity protection, meaning if you accidentally install the battery backwards, no harm will come to the light. This is useful in no- or low-light situations. The SF3-CW has a waterproof rating of IPX8 on the Ingress Protection Rating scale.

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