Make & Model - Coast G5 Mini Flood Light
Max Lumen Outpu - 18
Max Runtime - 45 min.
Overall Length - 2.5 in.
Weight with Batteries - 0.5 oz.
Battery Type - AG5 (four, included)
Controls - Push-button tail cap with on-off and momentary modes
Output Modes - N/A
Special Features - Large split ring, small split ring, swivel
MSRP - $6

The G5 combines a grippy cross-hatched aluminum body and a spring-loaded tail cap that's ideal for momentary bursts. Unfortunately, this light uses uncommon AG5 batteries. They're hard to find in local stores, and generally cost at least 35 cents each. This light uses four, and Coast says it'll burn through them in just 45 minutes — at that rate, you would be spending $1.75 per hour on batteries alone. We say would because our G5 continued to produce light for more than nine hours. The listed rating is either grossly inaccurate, a straight-up typo, or the company erring on the side of extreme caution. Runtime inconsistencies aside, this light is affordably priced, but failed to wow us.

Pros: Springy tail-cap switch ideal for momentary use, We got nine hours of light instead of the listed 45-minute runtime

Cons: Uneven beam pattern and bluish tint, Uncommon battery type

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