Make & Model - Coast HP17
Max Lumen Output - 970
Max Runtime - 200 hrs.
Overall Length - 13.1 in.
Weight with Batteries - 2 lbs.
Battery Type - D (three, included)
Controls - Push-button switch with constant-on and momentary modes
Output Modes - High, medium, low
Special Features - Slide focus with twist-lock, anti-roll tail cap, lifetime warranty
MSRP - $110

Coast's Long Range Focusing System allows adjustment of the beam pattern from flood to spot by sliding the light's head forward or backward. A raised collar provides leverage, allowing the user to adjust focus easily with a pull or push of the thumb. Given the placement of the power button, this makes the HP17 excellent for one-handed use. We liked the inclusion of a focus lock, though it only tightens the slider instead of entirely preventing movement. The HP17 has strong output, its beam pattern is clear and even, and it delivers great value for the money. Our only minor gripe is that mode selection is a bit tricky. The light always defaults to high output on initial use, and must be cycled through modes sequentially; click too fast or too slow, and the mode won't change.

Pros: Slide focus is easy to control one-handed, Antiroll tail cap offers a lanyard loop large enough for paracord.

Cons: Mode selection requires timed sequential clicks and is somewhat finicky.

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