Make & Model - Coast TX7R
Claimed Maximum Brightness - 325 lumens
Claimed Maximum Runtime - 7.5 hours \ Minimum Length
Maximum Length - 6.4 inches
Weight with Batteries - 7.7 ounces
Battery Type - 3.7V 24400mAh lithium-ion (two, included) or AAA (four, included)
Controls - Push-button tail cap switch with momentary-on and constant-on modes
Output Modes - High, strobe
Special Features - Long-Range slide-focusing optic with rubberized grip ring, micro-USB charging port with protective sliding collar, weather-resistant, dual-battery compatibility, soft fabric and hard nylon belt holsters, wall-mount holster, wrist lanyard, wall and 12V car chargers
MSRP - $175

Coast states that this light was “specifically designed with law enforcement officers in mind;” this fact was apparent throughout our evaluation. Unboxing the TX7R reveals a huge assortment of accessories, including three batteries (two lithium packs and a AAA carrier), two chargers, and two belt holsters. The light is constructed from solid aluminum, with two heavily-textured collars for secure grip. Sliding the head forward or backward adjusts the Long-Range Focusing Optic between a clear floodlight and a tight spotlight. If long-distance illumination is a priority for you, this light clearly excels in that category with its claimed maximum effective distance of nearly a 1/2 mile (2,240 feet). Both high and strobe modes are powerful, but we wish this light offered a low-output mode for close-range use.

-The head's short 1/4-inch travel and textured rubber collar make it exceptionally easy to adjust the focus one-handed, even when held in a reverse grip.
-The strobe automatically alternates between faster and slower flashes, creating a clear nighttime distress signal.
-Batteries can be recharged while inside or outside the light, so you'll be able to charge your backup while continuing to use the primary.

-The rear rubber collar isn't fixed to the body, tending to shift and slide around over time.
-We would've preferred a more appealing color for the collars, either something bright and high-visibility or plain black.
-Lacks low-output mode

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