Make & Model - Columbia River Knife & Tool Ruger Bolt-Action
Materials - 6061-T6 aluminum
Length - 5.5 inches
Weight - 1 ounce
Ink Cartridge - Fisher Space Pen (black)
MSRP - $50

Brian Fellhoelter shook up the EDC gear world with his unique bolt-action mechanism for lights and pens. He's teamed up with CRKT to create the Bolt-Action Pen, part of the company's Ruger line of knives and tools. Aside from its black finish and aluminum body, the CRKT Ruger pen is virtually identical to the original — but more affordable than the $145 starting price of Fellhoelter's TiBolt.

– Fidget-worthy bolt mechanism
– Ultra-lightweight
– Good value

– Ruger branding seems like an afterthought
– Protruding bolt handle may catch on apparel and pocket contents

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