Make & Model - Tuff Writer Mini-Click Gen 2
Materials - Grade 5 6AL-4V titanium
Length - 5.1 inches
Weight - 1.4 ounces
Ink Cartridge - Fisher Space Pen (black)
MSRP - $155

Tuff Writer founder Jack Roman designs and produces all his pens in a small shop in Arizona, and his passion for precision machining is evident in his work. Roman wasn't satisfied with click mechanisms available, so he created his own proprietary 416SS mechanism in-house. The rest of this pen is constructed from titanium, and carefully heated with a torch to achieve the elegant coloration. It's finished with recessed O-rings for added texture and a stonewashed titanium pocket clip.

– Proprietary push-button mechanism machined to 0.0005-inch tolerances
– Available in premium materials and unique finishes, including aged brass and flamed copper
– Made in the USA

– Clip placement can lead to accidental button presses and ink-marked pockets.
– Slim, tapered body makes it tough to grip if you have big paws

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