Make & Model - Microtech Siphon II
Materials - Stainless steel
Length - 3.9 inches closed, 5.9 inches open
Weight - 2.6 ounces
Ink Cartridge - Fisher Space Pen (black)
MSRP - $155

At first glance, you might not realize the Siphon II is a writing instrument, but flipping up the large lever reveals a fluted tip and ball point. The lever-action also keeps dimensions compact, while its stainless steel construction provides substantial weight. The nonreversible pocket clip is firmly attached with unusual triangular-head screws, so removing it is all but impossible without special tools. However, the tiny laser-etched build date and serial number on the clip are a nice touch.

– Lever-action mechanism is unique and fidget-worthy.
– Raised rubber O-rings improve comfort while writing.
– Made in the USA

– Too small for effective striking
– The lever may snap shut on your fingertips if closed quickly.
– Pocket clip placement can be uncomfortable while writing and isn't optimal for left-handed pocket carry.

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