Make & Model - Crimson Trace LTG-736 Lightguard for Glock
Claimed Max Brightness - 100 lumens
Claimed Max Runtime - 2 hours
Overall Length - 4.5 inches
Weight with Batteries - 1.5 ounces
Battery - 1x CR2 (included)
Controls - Master on-off lockout switch, finger groove pressure pad
Output Modes - Momentary-on only
Construction / Mounting - Polymer, two hex screws
MSRP - $179

This contoured light is designed specifically for full-size and compact Glock models, but variants are available for the 1911, Springfield Armory XD, and Smith & Wesson M&P. Unlike the other lights we tested, the activation mechanism is a raised pressure pad that snugs up against the pistol's front strap, which is depressed by the user's middle finger. The upside to this design is that simply gripping the gun activates the light, and it's easy to use one-handed, with either hand. The downside is that it slightly changes the user's grip, even when the light is not in use. The switch placement also leads to inadvertent activation during the drawstroke. Some may prefer this design, others will find it uncomfortable. It's also worth noting that the Lightguard takes time to install or remove, since it's attached to the pistol with two tiny hex screws. As long as the grip switch doesn't deter you, the Lightguard is a sleek, lightweight, and easy-to-use flashlight.

Pros: No buttons or switches; easy to activate quickly, Made in the USA

Cons: Affects user's grip on the pistol, which takes getting used to, Two-piece clamshell construction feels fragile, and requires tiny hex key to assemble and change the battery

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