Make & Model - Crovel Extreme II
Length Open - 27.5 inches
Length Closed - 21 inches
Weight - 5 lbs, 14 oz
Carry Case - None
MSRP - $140
Notes - Probably the toughest multifunction shovel on the market, the original Crovel Extreme busted onto the scene and quickly gained a rabid following of believers and users. Crovel is back with the Extreme II, and like its predecessor, it exceeds expectations of what a survival multi-purpose shovel can do. The hardened 4140 chromoly-alloy shovelhead has blade-like sharpened edges, a vicious saw-tooth edge, and handy bottle opener. The sharp edges make cutting, chopping, and sawing a breeze, and the hardened surface keeps its edge. Its generous 14-inch long hollow steel handle is wrapped with 15 feet of 550 paracord and allows storage of survival items. It is plugged at the end with a knurled plug, which can be replaced by several types of available spikes — making it a great standoff device as well as rescue tool. The Crovel's hammerhead is clearly built to last and includes a crowbar claw that has been upgraded to a woodworking chisel as well as a pry bar. On top of all that, the Extreme II is made in the United States. The largest and heaviest of the shovels in this guide, the Crovel Extreme II's many uses easily outweigh its heft. This tool is made to withstand daily use of first responders and not just the occasional camping trip. In a disaster scenario, this tool should provide you with the means and confidence to get out of any dire situation.

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