Make & Model - Energizer Micro Sport
Weight - 1.7 oz
Battery Type - AAA (2), CR2032 (1)
Lumen Rating - low 18 / high 37
Average Runtime - low 9 hr / high 3.5 hr
Range - not listed
MSRP - $23.99
Notes - If you need to be visible, the Micro Sport's Safety Flasher is right up your alley. The Safety Flasher can be mounted anywhere across the headband and is activated by a button at the top of the housing. The main light is powered by two AAA batteries, which make it pretty bright. Disadvantages are that the headlamp is not independently adjustable for elevation, meaning that you need to adjust the placement of the headband to point the beam where you want it. Also, a CR2032 battery powers the Safety Flasher, which is not as common as the ubiquitous AAA.
Features - Three lighting modes
Safety Flasher blinks red and mounts at the back of the head
Safety Flasher has a 95hr runtime

Head-Mounted Lights

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