Make & Model - EXOTAC titanLIGHT
Dimensions - 3.3 by 1 inches
Weight - 2.0 ounces (including fuel)
MSRP - $50

Liquid-fueled lighters such as the classic Zippo have an Achilles’ heel for survivalists — they’re not airtight, so the lighter fluid eventually evaporates. This leaves the user flicking sparks aimlessly at a dried-out wick that won’t ignite. EXOTAC has developed a new lighter that aims to eliminate this flaw. Much like other liquid-fuel lighters, the titanLIGHT contains fuel-retaining cotton balls, a fabric wick, and a flint wheel igniter. However, this outdoor-oriented lighter is machined from solid aluminum, anodized in one of four colors, and is fully sealed via O-rings on the threaded base and cap. That means the fuel is unable to evaporate or leak out while the cap is in place; it also means this lighter is waterproof to 1 meter. Other features on the titanLIGHT include a lanyard loop, and a quick-thread cap that’s removable with a single 360-degree twist.

– Waterproof, leak-resistant, wind-resistant, and highly durable
– Compatible with standard Zippo-style fuel, flint, and wicks
– Made in the USA

– Excess fluid has a tendency to seep beneath the flame shield and onto the cap threads, especially if the lighter is stored horizontally or over-filled. It won’t escape the sealed cap in storage, but can lead to singed fingers after the first spark.
– Requires periodic maintenance to replace the flint every 500 strikes and trim the wick

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