Make & Model - Fenix RC40 2016 Edition
Max Lumen Output - 6,000
Max Runtime - 125 hrs.
Overall Length - 10.7 in.
Weight with Batteries - 2.7 lbs.
Battery Type - 7.4V 7800mAh lithium-ion (one, included)
Controls - Dual push-button switches with 0.5-second delay. Left controls strobe/SOS, right controls power and output level. Hold both buttons to toggle lockout.
Output Modes - Turbo, high, medium, low, eco, strobe, SOS
Special Features - Rechargeable via wall outlet or cigarette lighter adapter, USB output port, 4-LED power gauge, IPX8 waterproof to 2 meters, shoulder strap, spare O-ring and dust covers
MSRP - $221

This light is a monster, with extra-large dimensions and staggering light output. The original RC40 produced an impressive 3,500 lumens, and this revamped 2016 Edition takes output to an unbelievable 6,000 lumens. However, that much power is not without compromise. The RC40 is heavy enough to include a shoulder strap, and its 4.3-inch-wide head can be obtrusive at times. Swinging this in self-defense would be much like using a medieval mace. Still, the controls are intuitive, construction is rugged, and the sheer output is a big selling point. Also, the inclusion of USB output adds value, permitting the RC40 to double as a portable waterproof power bank. If you need to carry a light for hours at a time, you should probably look elsewhere. If you need a light for use near your home, office, vehicle, or campsite, the RC40 is a great choice.

Pros: Ludicrous power and blinding strobe,  USB output allows recharging of smaller electronics, Waterproof up to 2 meters

Cons: Large-diameter head is ungainly when carried, Lacks momentary mode

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