Make & Model - Foursevens Atom AL
Max Lumen Output - 110
Max Runtime - 40 hrs.
Overall Length - 1.8 in.
Weight with Batteries - 1.6 oz.
Battery Type - CR123 (one, included)
Controls - Twist-on bezel
Output Modes - Low, high
Special Features - Magnetic tail cap, glow-in-the-dark LED backing, IPX8 waterproof, wrist lanyard
MSRP - $40

This is positively tiny, considering its CR123 power source. In fact, it's barely larger than the battery it contains. We can appreciate this, as CR123 batteries are easy to find, and they're likely the same ones you use in your larger flashlights. The stainless steel Atom features a magnetized tail cap, which is great for attaching to metal surfaces for hands-free lighting, but it also tends to grab any smaller metal items in your pockets, which can be annoying at times. It provides a bright flood beam without any hotspots, and can even be adapted to Foursevens' 360-degree magnetic headlamp kit.

Pros: Bright and even flood beam, Waterproof

Cons:Magnetized tail sticks to keys, Smooth cylindrical body doesn't provide much grip

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