Make & Model - Garmin tactix
Bezel Diameter - 1.95 in
Band Material - Elastomer
Power Type - USB rechargeable battery (non-replaceable)
Runtime - 50 hours (GPS mode) / 3 weeks (sensor mode) / 5 weeks (watch mode)
Weight - 3.2 oz
Water Resistance - 50m
MSRP - $450
Standout Features - GPS positioning
Automatic calibrating altimeter, barometer, and three-axis compass
1,000 Waypoints and TracBac navigation

The most high-tech watch in this guide, the Garmin tactix GPS watch is inspired by the Special Forces and their needs out in the field. It's packed with features, including sun and moon information, a hunting and fishing calendar, alarm clock, vibration alerts, choice of tones, a timer, stopwatch, world clock with automatic time-zone calibration, and even Jumpmaster software for skydivers. The tactix's metal surfaces are coated in black to be non-reflective, and its curved glass lens is scratch and glare resistant. It can store 1,000 waypoints and take you back to where you started with its TracBac navigation capability.

Pros: GPS functionality, TracBac navigation, durability

Cons: Low battery runtime, price, requires USB charging, watchcase is very thick at 0.7 inch

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