Make & Model - ExtremeBeam S.A.R. 7
Colorway - Black
Lumen Output - 130
Beam Options - High
Runtime - 1h
Bezel Diameter - 0.85 in
Overall Length - 3.4 in
Weight With Battery - 2.1 oz
Battery Type - CR123A (1, included)
MSRP - $70
Accessories - holster, 1 extra CR123A

The smallest of the lights in this guide, the S.A.R. 7 is as simple as it gets. It features one lighting option — high, a bright beam of 130 lumens. The aluminum body is anodized black and fitted with a wire-style pocket clip. The orange colored activation switch is flush with the body, helping to minimize accidental activations. The flashlight comes with a nylon and elastic holster topped with a D-ring as well as two batteries, one for the light and one as a spare.

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