Make & Model - Griffin Pocket Tool XL
OAL - 4.3 inches
Materials - Titanium
Weight - 1.16 ounces
MSRP - $70

A big brother to the original tool, The Griffin Pocket Tool XL runs 1.3 inches longer and comes in stainless steel or titanium. It's hard to miss the large pocket clip feature running down its center, allowing it to slip onto a pocket hem or belt loop. Seven hex wrenches line the center of this tool. A 1/4-inch bit driver, an unsharpened bevel for scoring, a bottle opener, ruler, pry tool, and flathead screwdriver round out the ensemble. Designed and partially made in the USA.

– The titanium gives the tool an airy feel.
– The longer the tool, the more effective the pry bar.
– This tool is likely to fit the hex screw you need to fiddle with.

– The clip is so wide that it feels like the tool could slip free and be lost.
– If you want to slip this on a key ring, you limit how easily you can use the 1/2-inch hex wrench.
– At $70, it's nearly twice as expensive as the stainless steel version.

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