Make & Model - GSI Outdoors Stacking Cutlery Set
Dimensions - 6.1 by 1.5 by 0.8 (stacked) inches
Weight - 0.7 ounces
Material - Copolyester
Colorways - Blue, Green, Orange, Red
MSRP - $5

At first, this cutlery set just looks like an up-market variation of disposable plastic utensils. But after using them for a while, they really grow on you. They're made of durable BPA-free resin and molded to snap together into a handy, compact bundle. They're on the small side, but it's nice to have three separate utensils — and each of them did their separate job quite well. The knife blade is small, as it's shaped to stack nicely inside the bowl of the spoon, but it cuts pretty well. The fork is also curved to nestle in the spoon, but the tines are effective. The spoon is a good size and is the best of the three. They're easy to keep clean and will flex a bit without breaking, but titanium they're not. There's a hole at the end of the handles so you can clip and hang them. We packed the set in a carry-on bag and sailed through airport security. One note: We flew with and used these on several trips and over time the pieces no longer snapped together as securely as they originally did.

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