Type - Unstructured Hammock
Weight - 24 oz (Hammock, 'biners)
Colors - Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Gold, Sahara (shown)
MSRP - $99
URL - http://www.kammok.com

Kammok wins the most technical hammock category. It's refined the design of the simple hammock and added a ton of utility with its modular approach. The company starts with a proprietary rip-stop fabric called LunarWave, triple stitches the seams and hold the ends together with a Dynema sling. That's some strong stuff. There are lashing points around the perimeter to hang gear and attach accessories. The modular approach to the Roo means you can save some weight and space (and cash) on trips that don't call for bugs or rain; though for all but beach naps, we'd want to have both of these, if not in use, at least close by. The Roo's bug net, called Dragonfly, slips over the hammock and is suspended on a separate cord that you tie between anchors above the hammock. This ridgeline can also support the Glider Rain Fly, if used. The Glider provides a ton of coverage and has a slick trick up its sleeve. Each corner has a filtered, threaded tap for collecting rainwater in water bottles (shown, far left). The corners have drawstrings that help channel water to the taps.

Another unique Roo accessory is the Koala Underquilt (shown, left). This is a 750-fill power, water-resistant down quilt that attaches to the underside of the Roo to provide a comfortable cocoon down to 30 degrees F. We're showing the Koala Underquilt with the red side out, but it can be set up with the gray side out for a less flashy appearance.

We found setting the hammock up using the included gated ‘biners and the accessory Python Straps straightforward. Wrap the straps around an anchor and slip the end through then snap the ‘biner into one of the 18 connection points on the daisy chained webbing.

Accessories: Python Straps, 12 oz, $29; Glider Rain Fly, 23 oz, $230; Dragonfly Bug Net, 10.5 oz, $75; Koala Underquilt, 24.5 oz, $329; Firebelly Quilt, 23 oz, $299

Pros: Modular approach makes for a scalable system. Only carry what you need. High-quality components.

Cons: Setup of the full system is involved.

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