Material - Cotton/poly/nylon fabric with polyurethane coating and synthetic wax
Weight - 1.5 pounds (large)
Colors - Carbon, pirate blue, teak (shown)

The stylish and funky Kuhl will have you looking good while brushing off some rain. The main zipper has a placket with buttons to secure it. The hood rolls up and stows in the collar. There are four flap pockets on the front, and two separate zippered hand pockets. Make sure the arms fit you, as there's only two cuff adjustment snaps, like on a dress shirt.

Pros: You can wear this jacket on date night, without looking like you're about to go mountaineering or drew guard duty. Very comfortable, with articulated sleeves.
Cons: Kuhl suggests this jacket for light rain; it's not really intended for torrential downpours. The hood only adjusts with a drawstring on the opening, making us feel like Kenny from South Park. No internal pockets.

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