Make & Model - Ledlenser L7
Claimed Maximum Brightness - 100 lumens
Claimed Maximum Runtime - 6 hours
Minimum Length - 5.2 inches
Maximum Length - 5.5 inches
Weight with Batteries - 4.8 ounces
Battery Type - AAA (three, included)
Controls - Push-button tail cap switch with momentary-on and constant-on modes
Output Modes - N/A
Special Features - Advanced Focus System optic with reflector, wrist lanyard, IPX4 water-resistant, six AAA batteries included
MSRP - $40

With a 360-degree rotation of the head, the L7 adjusts from a dense spotlight to a broad floodlight. The bezel is loose enough to adjust one-handed but tight enough that it doesn't shift as you move. The polymer body feels light, and the springy tail switch is easy to use in momentary-on or constant-on mode. While a backup set of three AAA batteries were included, they were already corroded inside the package, so we promptly recycled them. This is why alkaline batteries aren't our first choice, but we appreciate that they keep costs down. The L7 may lack some of the extra modes and accessories of its competitors, but it's a respectable little light with a versatile beam at an affordable price.

-Good ergonomics, thanks to the lightweight textured polymer body and raised tail switch.
-Finely adjusting the beam is easy, even with one hand.
-Great value for the cost

-The beam pattern is slightly uneven, producing a halo effect at the halfway point between spotlight and floodlight.
-Light has a slight blue tint and isn't especially bright
-Reliant on one battery source with a short runtime

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