Make & Model - Liquid Hardware Sidewinder Vacuum Insulated
Colorway - Forest Green (shown), Brushed Stainless, Dark Blue, Black, Pure White, Aqua Blue, Oxide Patina
Capacity - 0.6 L (20 fl oz)
Height x Diameter - 10 X 2.75 in
Weight (Empty) - 11.5 oz
MSRP - $30 ($40 for Oxide Patina)
Notes - The Sidewinder retains many of the same features as its sister bottle, the non-insulated Outrigger bottle shown earlier, such as the magnet on its lid that can be attached to a magnetic stainless collar, food-grade stainless-steel construction, and its trademark no-drip lip. The big difference is that the Sidewinder is vacuum-insulated, allowing for hot or cold liquids to be maintained at temperature for longer periods of time.


Pros: Magnetic storage, emergency compass cap, lifetime guarantee

Cons: Hot liquid performance needs improvement

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