Make & Model - Luminox Recon NAV SPC A.8832.MI
Bezel Diameter - 1.81 in
Band Material - Polyurethane
Power Type - Battery (replaceable)
Runtime - 5 years
Weight - 2.5 oz
Water Resistance - 200m
MSRP - $495
Standout Features - Tachometer is scaled to measure walking speeds
Rotating one-way diver bezel
Removable analog compass

The Recon NAV SPC A.8832.MI is built with land navigation in mind. Unlike other watches that have tachometers that are calibrated to measure how fast vehicles are travelling, the one on the A.8832.MI is scaled down to easily measure walking speeds. Also, sticking to its land-nav theme, its band contains a removable direction-finding compass. Its hands and hour markers are embedded with what Luminox calls “Night Vision Tubes,” which glow and allow the watch to be readily utilized at night. The tubes do not require recharging and are rated to last 25 years. The watchcase is made of tough, shock-resistant, carbon-reinforced polycarbonate and is capped with a scratch-resistant sapphire glass covered in an anti-reflective coating.

Pros: Ruggedness, waterproof down to 200 meters, bright Night Vision Tubes, compass

Cons: Price, lack of more functions

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